A café owner in Preston is charging customers more than double the price for their drinks if they’re not polite when they order.

At Chaii Stop on St Pauls Road, the nicer you are, the less you pay.

Owner Usman Hussain, 29, from Preston said: “Generally speaking I believe we all need to be polite to each other.

“Our standard of customer service is set so high and it’s definitely nice to receive that back from customers.” 

The cafe’s price board recently went viral on social media when it was posted with the caption ‘being polite definitely goes a long way.’

In a bid to promote kindness, customers pay different prices for their tea depending on how polite they are when they order.

Image from @chaiistop_ on Instagram.

Your tea will cost you £1.90 if you order by saying “Hello, Desi Chai please.”

But simply saying “Desi Chai” means you’ll pay £5 for the same drink.

Mr Hussain said: “We haven’t yet charged anyone £5 – the most we’ve done is point out the sign saying ‘sorry, which option did you want?’ 

“The response we get from that is a five minute chat, with the customer laughing and joking.”

Customers on social media have also praised the scheme. 

Image from @chaiistop_ on Instagram.

One user said: “Manners don’t cost a thing, love this!” Whilst another said: “Such a wonderful initiative to spread the message of being polite and kind to everyone.”

But not everyone was happy as one angry customer said: “And who are you people? Let’s hope no one comes to participate in their own humiliation and you go bankrupt.”

Despite some negativity the ethos in the café, which specialises in tea and donuts, is still ‘good vibes only.’

Mr Hussain said: “We want people to walk into our shop and feel like a guest in our home, so the concept and theme of the shop has been designed to give customers a “homely feel.” 

If you’re paying a visit, remember to be polite.