Liz Truss no longer promising pension rise

Prime Minister Liz Truss has gone back on her promise to increase state pensions in line with soaring inflation. Two weeks ago the PM was “committed” to this strategy however, her spokesperson said “she was not making any commitments” to government spending.

James Cordon has apolagised after being banned from New York restaurant

The British comedian has apologised after being temporarily banned from the restaurant Balthazar in New York. The restaurant owner, Keith McNally, said Cordon had been “an abusive customer,” however the star later called the restaurant and “apolagised profusely”. Mr McNally waived the ban saying “I strongly believe in second chances.”

Wales may scrap logos on school uniform

Wales’ education minister, Jeremy Miles, has launched a project looking into scrapping logos on school uniform; this would be in an attempt to make the uniform more affordable for families. The idea is that families can then purchase uniform from many different suppliers as they would no longer have a unique school badge on. Mr Miles said: “There are still too many instances where families are being expected to spend eye-watering amounts just to send their children to school.”