Some of the UK’s biggest cities have been forced to cancel their Bonfire Night firework displays as a result of the cost of living crisis.

Councils in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, and Hackney have said their bonfire nights will not be going ahead this year due to rising costs and budget pressures.

Many firework displays couldn’t take place during the pandemic, so this would be the first time since 2019 that some of these events would have gone ahead. 

Photo by Alexander Kagan on Unsplash

Leeds City Council has cancelled its six annual bonfire and firework events because of “significant budget pressures” and the current cost of living pressures on local residents which are having “a significant impact on the council’s demand for services and support.”

Councillor Salma Arif, Leeds City Council’s executive member for public health and active lifestyles, said: “We certainly did not take this decision lightly, and we know that this news will come as a real disappointment to many people, and this disappointment is something that we share.

“The council continues to be committed to working with partners to ensure that significant community and cultural events will still be able to take place later this budget year and in the run up to Christmas.”

Councillor Caroline Woodley, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Families, Parks and Leisure, said: “While we’re sorry not to be hosting a fireworks display in Clissold Park this year, we have to weigh up our priorities as our finances continue to come under pressure from rising inflation and costs.”

Councillor Caroline Woodley, from Hackney council, blamed the event cancellation on rising inflation and costs

In 2019, the firework display cost Hackney council approximately £125,000 to run. Only some of this cost, £72,000, was covered by ticket sales and catering discounts.

Cllr Woodley added: “We must also consider the wider environmental and air quality implications of the fireworks.”

Although many bonfire events have been called off, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any fireworks displays happening near you. Check your local groups and clubs that may have details on what is happening in your area.