Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister on Thursday after only 45 days in the job.

The conservative party now needs to elect a new leader which would be the UKs next Prime Minister. This would be the fifth Conservative party leader in six years.

Nominations for Conservative party leader have been open over the weekend, with candidates needing 100 MPs supporting them to make it to the next stage.

This would be rounds of voting by Conservative Party MPs.

There are 357 Conservative Party MPs who get to vote if more than two candidate receives 100 MPs support. The person with the fewest MPs voting for them will be eliminated until only two remain.

Once those two candidates have been found, Conservative party members will get a chance to vote online.

This is unusual for the Conservative Party who normally have their members vote by mail.

The deadline for this vote will be on Friday, so this should be the latest we find out who the next Conservative leader will be.

As the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons, this new Conservative leader will be asked by King Charles II to form a government.

This would make them the next Prime Minister.