Two ‘Just Stop Oil’ protesters were arrested after vandalising several luxury car showrooms in central London.

At around 8:30am on Wednesday, a group of demonstrators sprayed orange paint over the exterior of the Bugatti, Bentley, and Ferrari show rooms on Berkeley square and Burton street. 

Some protesters glued themselves to the wall, while others locked themselves together.

The organisation is demanding that the government halts all new oil and gas licences.

Carmen Lean, a 28-year-old protester, said: “In what world is it ok to buy and sell luxury cars, when people can’t afford to eat or heat their homes, or when people all over the world are suffering and dying from the climate crisis.

“This Government is using the crisis to push through more austerity on one hand and new oil licences on the other”

This is one of several demonstrations campaigners have made in the past days. 

Last week they targeted King Charles’ waxwork in London’s Madame Tussauds as well as a Monet masterpiece on display in Berlin.

They also organized several blockades on major streets in the capital earlier in the day.

The Metropolitan police announced that two people have been arrested for criminal damage.

According to Just Stop Oil, a total of 585 arrests have been made since the group was formed

It said its supporters had been arrested 1,900 times, with seven currently in prison.