Meat cleavers, zombie knives, and baseball bats were some of the weapons found in schools over the past five years.

New data revealed from FOI requests sent by The Drop found that most weapons were seized from children aged between 11 to 18.

But in some instances, weapons were found on children under the age of ten.

The West Midlands was the area with the highest number of weapons related offences at an educational facility, following FOI responses from twelve police forces across the country.

Zombie knives were banned in 2016 after a campaign by David Jamieson.

Zombie knives were banned in 2016 after a campaign by David Jamieson.

Over 1,000 offences occurred in the West Midlands in the five years from 2017 to 2022.

  • 985 of the 1065 offences were committed by those aged 11-18.
  • 90 of the weapons were taken from children under the age of 10.
  • Only 129 of those incidents resulted in a criminal prosecution.

West Midlands Police could not be clear on whether the individual found in possession of the weapon was a pupil or teacher.

They said: “We are currently running a week of action, called Op Sceptre, targeting youth violence and knife crime.

“This week of intensified action has amplified the work we are doing across the force on a daily basis to address this really important issue.”

They also have a dedicated violence reduction team, Project Guardian, which solely focuses on reducing knife crime in the area.

Jack Barry Image: West Midlands Police

Sarah Barry lost her son Jack to a knife attack just days after his 19th birthday.

The mum, from the West Midlands, said: “Carrying a knife doesn’t protect you, knives kill you and nothing comes back from death, it only takes a moment to die.

“You have your whole lives in front of you. Live it in whatever way you choose, work hard, and try and stay out of trouble.”

Sarah Barry Image: West Midlands Police

Children across the country were also found with broken bottles, razor blades, scissors, swords and screwdrivers.

The most popular weapon seized in any area was a kitchen knife.

Humberside was the area with the lowest number of weapons seized, with a total of two weapons seized in five years.